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A Bad Mood

When you don’t get enough sleep, you may be more vulnerable to mood swings, irritability, and even anger. You might find that you are constantly in a bad mood, and don’t even know why. Take a look at your recent sleep activity and figure out if the moodiness started shortly after you noticed the quality of your sleep went down. Remember that your mood and attitude doesn’t just affect you, but your family, friends, relationships, and other people you come in contact with.

An Increased Appetite

Are you suddenly ravenous? Do you have a larger appetite than you remember having before? This can be a big sign that you are not getting enough sleep. Your appetite changes quite a bit based on your emotional state, and whether or not you are getting adequate sleep at night. Lack of sleep causes the hormone in your gut called ghrelin, to increase.This makes you feel hungrier than normal, and often with more cravings of sugar, refined carbs, and otherwise unhealthy food options.

Lower Productivity

Lack of good sleep can cause problems with concentration, focus, and productivity. Maybe you notice that you can’t focus for long stretches of time anymore, or your concentration is off. You might have less productivity at work, and are actually suffering as a result.

Memory Issues

You could also be experiencing lower memory function as a result of sleep deprivation. When you go to sleep, you go through multiple sleep phases, with the fifth phase being REM sleep. The later phases, including stage 3 and 4, are when you enter deep sleep. 

All of these are important for brain function, but especially that crucial deep sleep stage. This is when your brain is able to hold onto memories from the day before, and use them for long-term memory storage. If you never get to the deep sleep stage, you may start noticing major holes in your long-term memory.

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One thought on “Four Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

  1. Joe says:

    I work 3rd shift and feel like I never get enough sleep regardless if I sleep 4 -6 hours or 10 hours. I’m tired all the time outside of work. I’m pretty sure it’s just from working 3rd shift but I can’t find a good paying day job so I’m stuck living like this.

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