The Great Awakening Coffee - Additional Details.

What makes Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee Unique to Other Gourmet Blends?

The Great Awakening Coffee Company is a venture BY Patriots, FOR Patriots.  Dustin Nemos began this company in order to support independent media who had been de-monetized, and de-platformed – even banned, from platforms like YouTube. Truth Media began to lose careers for speaking out against the fake news, and sponsors rejected them. So Dustin saw the opportunity to help fuel the rise of Truth in Media and took a leap of faith! And now, the reviews speak for themselves!

How is the Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee Roasted?

From our roasters:

“Good evening, Our coffee is ethically sourced from all over the world – chosen for the combination of cup, availability and pricing. Coffee is then roasted to order in small batches and immediately packaged in valved bags and shipped as soon as possible. 

We create custom coffee profiles for each lot.  Roasters have the latest technology but all of our profiles are manually created and each roast is hand controlled by our in house trained roasters.”

Is Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee Organic and Eco-Friendly?

We carry a gourmet selection of Organic coffees as well. You will find this in our “Organic Coffees” Collection.

Where do your coffee Beans come from?

We source our beans from around the world, through only trusted distributors with long-standing reputations in the industry. From these relationships, we’ve hand selected our favorite coffees that we love. And we hope you will too!

What is the Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee?

Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee is not your average blend. It’s a combination of four energizing, high-performance Patriot coffee blends named after each of the four American Presidents whose faces are carved on Mt. Rushmore. Try the Thomas Jefferson Blend, the Theodore Roosevelt Blend, the Abraham Lincoln Blend, and the George Washington Blend. They are all outstanding coffee blends carefully roasted for you to enjoy at home or at the office.

Where is Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee Roasted?

In Temecula, California. Coffee Country.

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