Quantum Energy Skin Patches & Cards

The Quantum Energy Skin Patches and Cards for PAIN are the pain easing breakthrough that’s helping ordinary folks live each day pain-free, sleep like a newborn baby and have the energy to play with their grandchildren.

As you already know, your body is made up of energy. Well, that energy is made up of frequencies. And that’s why the “Quantum Energy Skin Patches” are so powerful. Each patch is encoded with a “healing frequency” that creates a shield around you… and helps bring your energy into balance… How?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do they work?

Your body is made up of energy. The skin patches are programmed with healing frequencies, positive messages, and 40 biblical scriptures into the silicone.

Where Do I Put It?

Since they connect to your body’s energy field, they can be placed ON or even CLOSE to you body for them to have a positive effect. Think about electricity traveling in water – it doesn’t need to be in a specific place. They can be placed in an inconspicuous place (behind the neck, on your back, or many place them in their wallet). Some people prefer them close to the pain.

Will They Easy My Pain?

We believe they will and have testimony after testimony from real people where these are changing their lives.

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes – we want these to help people! 60-Day money-back. The great news is we are getting a ton of positive responses on how these cards and patches are having a positive effect

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